Doepfer style 84 HP aluminum Eurorack rails


These are the original Doepfer standard Eurorack rails made of durable aluminium and threaded full-length inserts providing a secure fit for your Eurorack modules. They are super strong(which is great if you need extra rigidity for naked racks) and easy to install using the full-size m5 screw tapped ends. If you’re building a DIY Eurorack rig, then these are the way to go.

Only 1 pair left available in Silver only. Direct Deposit unavailable.

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Doepfer Style 84HP Rails Eurorack Mounting Rails Features:

  • 1 pair of super strong 84 HP Doepfer style durable aluminum Eurorack mounting rails
  • Each rail contains full-length threaded strips
  • threads spaced for standard Eurorack gear
  • 5mm end threads (M5) for strong joints

Build the DIY Eurorack rig you desire with these guys!  ; )

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Pair of Doepfer Style 84HP Eurorack Aluminium Mounting Rails

Build the DIY Eurorack rig you desire with these guys!  ; )


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