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The SWAMP is a random CV and audio generator inspired by the famous Wiard Wogglebug module; it’s often the heart of self-generating patches and brings controllable randomness to your modular system.



  • Three random audio frequency outputs
  • External audio input routed to ring modulator
  • Three random CV outputs
  • Clock input and output to sync the module to your modular system
  • CV control over internal clock for even more extreme randomness
  • Skiff-friendly design


In the SWAMP module we introduced numerous modifications and improvements to extend the potentiometer range, added an audio input, which, when connected, replaces the internal Tone oscillator, replaced the expensive dual vactrol, built S&H circuit around the made in Riga S&H IC AS1100CK2, added audio waveform selection switches, CV output configuration jumpers and much more.

Technical specifications:

Audio output amplitude •10Vptp
CV output amplitude 0-10V or -5V – +5V
Panel width 12HP
Module depth 35mm
Power consumption 60mA (max)@+12V,   39mA@-12V




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